Friday, 10 April 2009

We Have Chicks

But we cheated, yep the 1st batch of eggs that were in the borrowed incubator didnt hatch, and the kids were sooooo dissapointed. I took them with me to "merrydales" in Enderberry, (a lovely, friendly place which you can visit here.... ) to get some grit, oh boy what a mistake to take them with me, as Merrydales had day old chicks for sale! well my daughter Paige and my son Connor just fell in love with them and literary begged me to get some!!! so we ended up with the minimum that you can buy which was 4. I really shouldnt have but what do you do when you see your kids sooooo ok ok yep It didnt take much persuading..hahaha.

One of the chicks is a beautiful yellow,, just like you see them on the TV, he/she is a lemon cuckoo pekin, and Paige has namned it "Buttercup", the other we yet have to name, and to be honest forgot what they are...oopps! All we have to wish for now is that they arent Cockerals!!!! just my look for them all to be..hahaha. Below are some pics of them in our brooder set up, which is by the way a hamster cage.


Sunny said...

Doesn't matter where we get is a wonderful thing to watch and care for animals or birds, especially babies. I don't think I will ever out-grow that! LOL!

Tina. said...

The hamster cage is quite innovative. I notice you use a red light for your chicks. I have always used the white, I have asked at several feed stores but no one can tell me what the difference is? Can you?