Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A year on

well sadly the chickens had to go as i got red mite and wow it took me 8 weeks to get rid of them, then the ducks over ran my garden and eat everything so sent them to a park. I now have horses, I have 2 cobs, I did ride but got in to driving a carty and loved it so one of the cobs "alfie is my driving pony, the other 1 "benny" i rescued along with another 1 I called billy but sadly billy died so im was just left with benny who is doing great and loves his new friend Alfie. My partner Lee has gone a bit made he has 14 horses altogether, so we are pretty busy, I have still managed to grow some veg with my son connor, we are having a kind off competition to see whose grows the best and to be honest his I have also created a lovely country cottge type garden on my front and the wildlife & insects love it..some pics to follow, thats all for now prob update in another

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I Have 2 new rescue Ducks

well today i went with Tracey to "Redgate Farm" sanctuary and came back with 2 ducks! they are a Kharki Cambel called Duffy & a Appleyyard called Kate, they are uuse to chickens but my chickens arent use to ducks so there was quite a bit of comotion, especilly with Dusty protecting her chicks. hopefully they will all settle down and get on with each other and njoy the snow that we are having.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

nearly xmas already!!!!!

Wow, I cant believe how the time has pasted me by, Ive not updated this blog before now because i just havent had the TIME!!. I now work 3 days a week so trying to fit in my allotment, the gardening, the animals ect is really hard. I also have taken on some land with my friend Tracey so we can either breed Poultry or set up a Poultry sanctuary, we havent yet decided which, we are just waiting for the land to be cleared and dug over.
Since my last post, i have incubated a further 6 eggs, having 3 hatched. Also "Dusty" went broody so i brought 6 eggs off ebay "silver spangled hamburgs" and "Merrydales" gave me 1 of thier eggs they had spare a "partridge pekin", 2 of the spangles & the partridge hatched. Dusty looked after them very well but unfortunately 1 spangle died, think the wind blown the door on it therefore killing it :(
December the 12th i treated Tracey to some duck eggs for xmas,(from ebay) I let her borrow my incubator so she could hopefully watch them hatch, will let you know how she got on in the next update.
Yesterday I brought 6 silkie chicks (3 white & 3 blue) from a young girl that has hatched them herself from her own silkie chickens. It was great to see a young girl of 12yrs old having a great interest by keeping, breeding and selling her own chickens.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

2 Were Fertile!

Well 2 of the "Japanese Bantam" eggs were fertile on day 4, the other 1 I binned. They were growing great but on day 12 when i candled them i couldnt see one of the chicks moving, so im thinking its died, but i still leeft it in.
Last night I candled again and couldnt see any chick moment in any of them :( so im thinking i have lost them both, I still have them in the incubator and will till the 6th of August when they are suppose to hatch just in case, will update then.

Also 2 weeks ago Mags my magpie went for a wonder and never came back, the kids were devastated :( im just hoping he/she has found a mate and will live a happy life. We keeping calling and hoping.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Started incubating 3 Japanese bantam eggs

well yesterday at 11-30am i put 3 "japanese Bantam" eggs in to my "forced air" incubator, im doing this for a friend as he wants to know if his cockeral is fertile, the cock and hen are just over a year old,
Temperature is 38 and humidity is 44%
I will update when i candle them on day 4 ;)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Chicks and Mapgpie update

Well its been along time since ive been on here, thats because Ive been soooo busy with the allotment and all my, below are some updated pics of the chicks which are 14 weeks old now and also some of mags my magpie.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

My Baby Magpie... "Mags"

Well I only have 1 magpie left :( The 2 others died last week, havent a clue why but at least this ones still alive and he's doing really well. Im trying to get him to walk/fly so every day just letting him out on my mat or on the grass, he seems to really enjoy it and def knows who i am :) Ive decided to cal him "Mags" yes I know its original but its easy and it ;) below is a video ive uploaded to you tube....