Tuesday, 15 December 2009

nearly xmas already!!!!!

Wow, I cant believe how the time has pasted me by, Ive not updated this blog before now because i just havent had the TIME!!. I now work 3 days a week so trying to fit in my allotment, the gardening, the animals ect is really hard. I also have taken on some land with my friend Tracey so we can either breed Poultry or set up a Poultry sanctuary, we havent yet decided which, we are just waiting for the land to be cleared and dug over.
Since my last post, i have incubated a further 6 eggs, having 3 hatched. Also "Dusty" went broody so i brought 6 eggs off ebay "silver spangled hamburgs" and "Merrydales" gave me 1 of thier eggs they had spare a "partridge pekin", 2 of the spangles & the partridge hatched. Dusty looked after them very well but unfortunately 1 spangle died, think the wind blown the door on it therefore killing it :(
December the 12th i treated Tracey to some duck eggs for xmas,(from ebay) I let her borrow my incubator so she could hopefully watch them hatch, will let you know how she got on in the next update.
Yesterday I brought 6 silkie chicks (3 white & 3 blue) from a young girl that has hatched them herself from her own silkie chickens. It was great to see a young girl of 12yrs old having a great interest by keeping, breeding and selling her own chickens.