Sunday, 30 November 2008

Rabbit joins the Chickens

My partner had a Rabbit and a guineapig, But today found that the guineapig was missing, we are not sure what happened to it at all :( they had both been together for about 8yrs so thought the rabbit might now be a bit loney, so we have put him with my chickens.... well, what a noise the chickens made, poor old rabbit wondered what was going off, so we put his hutch in next to their coup and we will see how they get on, keeping my fingers crossed that all will be ok.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Well we have had that much rain this November that I have had to bark the chickens outside run as the grass was just a muddy patch! Don't think the chickens think much to the wet cold weather either as they aren't laying many eggs at the moment. Tidied the garden up and also the green house, havent much in there at the moment only fennel, garlic and global artichokes which i planted a few months back and are all doing very nicely.