Friday, 16 January 2009


Today we lost "Dolly" the Hen, remember the one that had all her tail feathers pecked out, well she managed to grow more but was never a really healthy hen even though i tried everything i could. 2 days ago i noticed she was very fluffed up and wasnt sure if it was the very cold weather we were having, anyway yesterday she was just standing on the coup floor all on her owwn fluffed up and didnt even flinch when i picked her up, she just kept shutting her eyes, so i put her in the dog crate i have with some hay and food and brought her in home, hoping the warm would help her, but sadley it didnt and today she died :(

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well the start to the new year has been very cold... as cold as -12 in some places of the UK, Not sure if the chickens are happy about it as 2 of them are almost oven ready with their moult, What a silly time of year to moult!! Mind you Molly is being a real pain by keep pecking what feathers they have out! So im having the run extended the other side so I can seperate her until she gets out of the habbit. Im still getting atleast 3 eggs a day though so thats really good. The Rabbit is enjoying hiself with them too only i think hes feed up with them pinching his Not much happening in the greenhouse, I have got some seeds ready to sow but waiing till it warms up a bit. My garden seems to be looking a bit tatty this winter not sure if its cause the chickens ran riot around it in the Autumn. Looks like a couple ofr magpies have started their nest building in next door but ones garden. The usually birds are flocking in too for their daily meals.