Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well the start to the new year has been very cold... as cold as -12 in some places of the UK, Not sure if the chickens are happy about it as 2 of them are almost oven ready with their moult, What a silly time of year to moult!! Mind you Molly is being a real pain by keep pecking what feathers they have out! So im having the run extended the other side so I can seperate her until she gets out of the habbit. Im still getting atleast 3 eggs a day though so thats really good. The Rabbit is enjoying hiself with them too only i think hes feed up with them pinching his Not much happening in the greenhouse, I have got some seeds ready to sow but waiing till it warms up a bit. My garden seems to be looking a bit tatty this winter not sure if its cause the chickens ran riot around it in the Autumn. Looks like a couple ofr magpies have started their nest building in next door but ones garden. The usually birds are flocking in too for their daily meals.


Tina. said...

Welcome back! I have missed your postings. Spring will come again!