Thursday, 23 April 2009

I've Hatched a chick

Well out of the 4 eggs that were in the "forced air incubator", that i brought, only 1 managed to hatch last Saturday 18th April at 3 in the morning, 1 did live till day 23 but the incubator went wrong and started flickering, making a loud clicking noise and didnt keep the temperature so i was very dissapointed with it! But the chick that did hatch is beautiful, I think he/she is a "blue Lace", Ive decided to call him/her "Lucky" as its the only one thats have some pics but havent uploaded them yet but will do it in a few days so you can see it. The other 4 chicks that I brought will be 2 weeks old tommorow being Friday, they have grown sooooo much and already are getting feathers, their wing feathers came first, they are scratching around and love to jump on and over the small branches i put in the brooder, they are now in a "Dog Crate" brooder as they out grown the hamster cage brooder. Ive also put the little one that I hatched with them, hes/shes a week younger than them but seems to be copying everything they do, its great to watch! watch this space for the pics


Tina. said...

Congratulations! Peeps are so much fun! Mine will be moving to the chicken coop this upcoming week.