Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A year on

well sadly the chickens had to go as i got red mite and wow it took me 8 weeks to get rid of them, then the ducks over ran my garden and eat everything so sent them to a park. I now have horses, I have 2 cobs, I did ride but got in to driving a carty and loved it so one of the cobs "alfie is my driving pony, the other 1 "benny" i rescued along with another 1 I called billy but sadly billy died so im was just left with benny who is doing great and loves his new friend Alfie. My partner Lee has gone a bit made he has 14 horses altogether, so we are pretty busy, I have still managed to grow some veg with my son connor, we are having a kind off competition to see whose grows the best and to be honest his I have also created a lovely country cottge type garden on my front and the wildlife & insects love it..some pics to follow, thats all for now prob update in another