Thursday, 26 March 2009

I thought I had a BROODY hen!

I thought I had a broody hen as she seem to just be on the nest all the time, so I thought hmmmm i will get her some eggs to sit on, so I ordered some fertile eggs they are"Pekin Batams" from ebay, anyway I jumped the gun far tooooo quick because apparently she wasnt broody :( so I was left with fertile eggs and no broody hen! Well my friend shaun came to the rescue with his friends incubator, The eggs went in to the incubator last thursday being the 19th, so hopefuully they will hatch by the 8th of April. Below is a pic of the eggs in the incubator.


Sunny said...

I hope ALL your eggs hatch! I never saw Pekin Bantams. What do they look like? Do you know of a url that has pics of chickens from UK? I would like to see them.
Don't know if you have Silkies over there but I know they are good brood hens.

ladyloulee said...

Thanks ;) heres a link to some pics that are on ebay, might treat myself to some of these if my eggs dont hatch ;)